Gameloft suits up with Iron Man 2 iPhone screenshots

Clash of the war machines

Gameloft suits up with Iron Man 2 iPhone screenshots
| Iron Man 2

Gameloft is getting into the superhero business, and will be suiting up in hot-rod-red to pump out the official Iron Man 2 iPhone game.

IGN had a first look at the game, and uncovered some interesting details. You'll play as Iron Man or War Machine, in nine stages including Stark Expo in New York and war-torn Somalia.

Starky will have a number of suits in his closet, and each Iron Man costume is upgradable.

Gameloft also has some new information to share, including the fact that the film's foes, Ultimo, Firepower and Whiplash, will be cruising for a bruising in the iPhone app.

You'll also be able to don your best jetpack and fly around the stages, or stay on solid ground and punch baddies in the face.

Oh, and it will of course feature Black Sabbath's Iron Man.

IGN says the game will release on May 7th on iPhone and iPod touch in conjunction with the US film release.