Google's alternate reality game Ingress will change the way you see the world

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Google's alternate reality game Ingress will change the way you see the world
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The world around us has been transformed by smartphones, and Google is looking to make that transformation a reality with its latest game Ingress.

Developed by Google's in-house studio, Niantic Labs, Ingress follows the model of several large MMORPGs like World of Warcraft but sets the gameplay in the real world.

Players begin Ingress by joining one of two rival factions - The Enlightened and The Resistance - and must fight for resources as they try to undermine the efforts of their enemies.
Great, outdoors

The resources in Ingress ("XM") are harvested by walking along prescribed outdoor routes mapped to your smartphone.

When players amass enough XM, they can participate in missions at "Portals" which are mapped out onto publicly accessible places like libraries, statue gardens, and parks. Players across the world can participate in Ingress, although those in more densely populated urban areas will face more spirited competition for resources and portals.

Smartphones across the world

Yet no matter where players are located, Ingress allows them to work together to coordinate offensive and defensive tactics to protect their territory from the opposition.

Although the app is free to download, Google plans to make money from Ingress with ad-based revenue. Allthingsd reports that Niantic Labs has brokered deals with Hint Water, Zipcar, and Jamba Juice (among others) and will begin to incorporate real world stores and products into the game.

Ingress is in closed beta for the moment, but interested players can request an invitation on the game's official website.

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