Infinity Blade out now for iPhone and iPad in New Zealand

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Infinity Blade out now for iPhone and iPad in New Zealand
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Thanks to their futuristic time zone, Kiwis can now download Epic and Chair’s Unreal Engine 3 show-off Infinity Blade from the App Store.

We’ll have to wait until midnight, when the app becomes available on international iTunes marketplaces.

The universal app is designed to show off the powerful visuals of Unreal Engine 3 on the pocket sized iPhone and giant tablet screened iPad alike, proving just how flexible the engine behind console games like Mass Effect and Gears of War is.

The single-player adventure is a sword and sorcery fighting game that has you fending off against a series of axe and sword-wielding titans as you make your way to the evil tyrant. In each battle, you’ll need to dodge, defend, and attack to scrape through alive.

You’ll also get to explore the castle to find collectible items and useful objects to outfit your character. You can dress him up in swords, shields, helmets, armour, and magic rings to boost your attacks and increase your health.

The game features Game Center for leaderboards and achievements. There are also future promises of extra areas to conquer, multiplayer, more enemies, and even more items to unlock.

In New Zealand, Infinity Blade will run you $8.29. When it hits our shops, that will translate to £3.49 / $5.99 / €4.99.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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