Infinity Blade II updated with support for new Retina display iPad

New co-op mode Clashmob scheduled for a future update

Infinity Blade II updated with support for new Retina display iPad
| Infinity Blade II

Chair Entertainment's graphically rich Infinity Blade II has just received an update for users running the new iPad.

The update, unsurprisingly, bumps the graphics up to iPad Retina display levels, meaning higher-than-HD resolutions and even nicer-looking armoured beasts to fight against.

Those beasts (and your armoured hero) have also been subject to a makeover, with "more sophisticated rendering features" applied to the GFX on top of the extra pixels.

A clash of swords

Chair also revealed that it is planning another update to Infinity Blade II in the future that adds a feature called "Clashmob" to the game.

Clashmob enables players to "work together to complete objectives and earn rewards", which sounds to us to be either a new social feature, or a co-operative addition to this Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning flagship title.

No date has been given just yet on when this future update will arrive, but we'll keep you posted.

Hit this link to see the new Retina display image for Infinity Blade II in all its glory.
Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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