Infinity Blade II out on Android? Nope - it's a fake

Just surprising it hasn't happened earlier

Infinity Blade II out on Android? Nope - it's a fake
| Infinity Blade II

Ah, the ever-resourceful scalpers lurking in the dark corners of Google Play: is there no end to your creativity / morally dubious practices?

The latest fake app doing the rounds on the Google Play Store is none other than Infinity Blade II, published on Google Play by the slyly named 2011 Chair Entertainment Group LLC.

It isn't, however, the Android version of the iOS smash hit Infinity Blade II from Chair Entertainment. Instead, it's an app that forces users to earn 50 Tapjoy points in order to download over a gig of nothing much.

We wouldn't be too surprised to find out that some malware was slipped in there somewhere, by the way, so don't say we didn't warn you.

Anyway, Epic and Chair, for now, haven't released an official version of Infinity Blade II on Google Play, so don't download this fake app (link for illustration purposes only).