Chair discloses more details on Infinity Blade II for iOS: 120 new items at launch, branching paths, two-handed weapons

Twice the slice

Chair discloses more details on Infinity Blade II for iOS: 120 new items at launch, branching paths, two-handed weapons
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In a recent conversation with IGN, Chair Entertainment technical director and co-founder Geremy Mustard divulged several new details about forthcoming slash-'em-up sequel Infinity Blade II.

According to Mustard, Apple's dual-core A5 processor is enabling the game's small team of developers "to do a lot more", including the ability to create a more diverse world.

This means that Infinity Blade II won't limit you to exploring a linear castle and its surrounding areas - a common complaint about its predecessor - and will instead feature numerous branching paths.

"The player will explore many different environments in this game. You'll see some stuff that looks familiar, but the castle in this game is very different. We'll also be exploring environments in a more Asian-themed landscape," Mustard stated.

"With each environment, we wanted to create these water cooler moments - these areas where players can look back and converse about that battle that took place in front of that huge tower or by that really cool clock. There's always something in the environment that will keep your focus and lead you through the level."

Lost property

Infinity Blade II will hit the App Store with 120 swords, shields, armours, rings, and helmets for you to brandish (versus the original game's 70 items), in addition to the content from the first game.

You'll even be able to ditch your shield completely and dual wield blades, or utilise a new two-handed weapon that can be used to both attack and block.

"Instead of having a shield, you'll be able to pull two different swords off your back and fight enemies," Mustard added.

"The other cool play style that we have is a two-handed, axe-style weapon. You'll hold it with both your hands, so you're without a shield. But you can use the weapon to block as well as attack. It's a slower moving weapon, but it does a lot more damage."

Bad boys for life

As the world in Infinity Blade II is "four or five times bigger" than in the first game, it's packed to the rafters with a bunch of new bloodthirsty enemies - some of which are too big for a single screen.

"There are so many awesome enemies this time around," Mustard explained.

"One of my very favorite is the Eyeless Noc which comes from this race of enemies that are these more ghoulish, troll-type creatures that have this beaten copper plating all over them. This enemy has a big staph with all these nails beaten into it and he's constantly spinning and whipping it around through the air. Then he'll fake you out with some big thrust and jab the staph right in your face. He's this cool acrobatic enemy."

Infinity Blade II will battle its way onto the App Store on December 1st, and will be supported with future content updates.
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