Hungry Giraffe stretching out to iPhone next week

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Hungry Giraffe stretching out to iPhone next week
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PSP Mini and Mobile hit Hungry Giraffe is heading to iOS next Wednesday, the developer has confirmed.

We revealed back in May that Laughing Jackal (that's the name of the developer, not some spin-off game) intended to bring Hungry Giraffe to iPhone. Sure enough, word has reached our ears that the iOS version is imminent.

Why should you care? We reviewed the PSP version of Hungry Giraffe earlier in May and rather liked it, to the tune of an eight out of ten PG Silver Award. Our own James Gilmour found it to be "simple, short, but immediately engaging."

The original version has apparently been downloaded more than 100,000 times, which is pretty impressive for a PSP Mini title.

The aim of the game is to guide a giraffe (or its head, at least) through an endless ascent, gobbling up fruit and fast food along the way. It's extremely simple, but that is all part of its just-one-more-go appeal.

The new iPhone version will apparently be "an enhanced version" of the original game. Laughing Jackal says the game has been "completely reworked to make use of the tilt controls and touch screen" of the new platform, while it's also promising "lots of exciting new features."

Best of all, Hungry Giraffe on iOS will be free to play when it launches on November 14th. We'll stick our necks out now and say that it'll probably be worth a download.

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