Homerun Clash: Tips to help you get the ballpark rocking

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| Homerun Clash
Homerun Clash: Tips to help you get the ballpark rocking

A duel of warriors, but with bats.

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Homerun Clash is one of those games that could whet your appetite if you're a baseball fan. Anyone who enjoys the sport knows that the home run is always a fun spectacle to behold. Well, that's what this game is all about; hitting nothing but dingers.

Choosing from a diverse cast of characters, you will be battling players in one-on-one matches taking place in a baseball stadium and under the lights. You know it's a showdown when the lights are flashing and the fireworks are going off.

Initially, you'd think it's a little tricky, but after a short while, you'll realize that it isn't too bad. But it is a fun game, and the home runs just feel good. But, we have some tips for you in case you find yourself struggling. Get on out there, slugger, you're up.

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Pay attention to the barrel of the bat

When looking at your aim circle which is essentially your wheelhouse, take a look at the bat within it. It's kind of faded so it's tricky to see at times. But you need to aim to the point where the ball will connect with the barrel of the bat. 

Particularly, you want to get it in the sweet spot. This will allow you to hit some mammoth home runs in the process. You need to move your aim circle in the correct spot where the pitches fall, so it may seem slightly overwhelming at first, but it's not bad. 

The pitches come in pretty slow, so you'll have time to react. This isn't like MLB The Show where the pitches are coming at you much faster since it's a baseball simulation game. But the key here in Homerun Clash is to connect the bat with the ball as perfectly as possible. It shouldn't take you too long to get comfortable with this, especially a player of your caliber. 

Take advantage of special baseballs

There are a couple of forms of special balls that can be used in Homerun Clash. There is one type that can be used briefly in matches. These will let you gain some extra power on your swing. They really come in handy when you need some clutch bombs during your duels. 

You can earn these simply by just playing the game and earning rewards. You'll be able to open chests that will grant you different items that can be used. The other form of balls that can be put into play are permanent ones that have cool designs. 

These not only look stylish but can give you an advantage at the ballpark. Some of the early ones may not net boosts, but the more you play, the more you'll unlock. Get lucky, and you'll get some great baseballs to use that will give you a nice nudge. 

Upgrade your equipment

This can prove to be critical in your performance. The game features several characters that can be unlocked as you play. Each one has their own unique set of clothing and these can be upgraded. By earning coins, you can give your gear a boost before heading out. 

Doing so will adjust your attributes, making you an even better slugger on the diamond. And yes, this includes boosting your power, so you'll really be blasting those home runs. If you want to improve your game and advance to new stadiums, this is an excellent way to do that. 

Collect coins by completing matches, and if you win, then that's even better of course. You should be able to make some upgrades after just two or three matches. It costs 100 coins to start, and you should be able to get that in no time. So go ahead and upgrade and take advantage of the benefits. 



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