Surreal puzzler HoloVista out now on iOS

Surreal puzzler HoloVista out now on iOS
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Mixed-reality storytelling developer Aconite has released HoloVista, a dreamlike puzzler on iOS.

HoloVista takes place in a weird mansion with many colourful rooms, strange artifacts and a mystery that needs solving. It’s a location not too far from the minds of David Lynch or Terry Gilliam, and has a beautiful allure like something plucked straight out of a dream.

In HoloVista, you will explore this mansion as Carmen, a junior architect and new hire at an elusive firm. In the futuristic world of social media, you’re tasked with photographing the inside of the building, discovering its many rooms and uncovering the secrets it holds. But the longer you stay here and the more you get to know the place, the more it gets to know you too.

You explore these lush environments using your phone’s camera in 360°, meaning you move around as Carmen does. There are also other links to the real world; text messages, QR codes and links that form a part of this investigation.

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Aconite calls itself a “mixed-reality storytelling platform”, creating games that blur the lines of how you play a game on modern devices. On its website, it states: “The stories of the future aren't passively consumed. They're something that you move through, together with strangers and friends. Aconite is a platform for discovering stories that transform the mundane world into something extraordinary - stories that sit at the intersection of adventure, narrative and game.”

“The world is becoming playable. The future is a garden of forking desire paths, existing in physical and digital space simultaneously. Every new corner contains a secret. Come with us through the looking glass.”

HoloVista is out now and available to buy on the iOS App Store.

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