Will Hugh Grant lose his face? Find out in point-and-click adventure Hollywood Monsters

Coming December 6th

Will Hugh Grant lose his face? Find out in point-and-click adventure Hollywood Monsters
| Hollywood Monsters

Developer Pendulo Studios and publisher Bulkypix, who teamed up back in June to release Yesterday, are preparing to deliver a new iPhone point-and-click adventure on December 6th.

This upcoming game is called Hollywood Monsters, and it's a humour-filled title that revisits the "golden era of Hollywood horror movies".

In this gorgeous-looking game, you're tasked with assisting a talented journalist and her self-styled macho man partner as they attempt to work out what exactly would happen if the world's most infamous movie monsters were forced to act in kids' flicks and cheesy rom-coms.

They'd probably rip Hugh Grant's face clean off, but that's just a wild guess, really. I haven't got my fingers crossed. Honest.

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Anyway, we're hoping that Hollywood Monsters fares a lot better at review than Pendulo Studios's previous release did.

Our esteemed leader Mark Brown gave Yesterday a disappointing 4/10 and labelled it "as dark as a summer's day and as funny as a kick in the teeth". Mark then complained that its puzzles were "poorly designed" and that its story made little sense. He wasn't overwhelmed, was he.

Hollywood Monsters will smash into Apple's App Store on December 6th for the iPhone and iPad.
Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
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