Hill Climb Racing 2 tips - How to keep from flipping out

Climb to victory on iOS and Android

Hill Climb Racing 2 tips - How to keep from flipping out
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Hill Climb Racing 2 has been out on Android for a couple of weeks now, and iOS gamers have since joined the party.

It's proving to be a big hit, thanks to a familiar mixture of delicate physics-based racing, bright graphics, and irresistible upgrade paths.

Despite its accessibility and immense popularity, you'll find Hill Climb 2 to be a tricky beast to tame. Here are a few tips we've picked up from our early hours with the game to help you stay on track.

Momentum is key

Don't underestimate how crucial momentum is in Hill Climb Racing 2. Early on, starting from a standing start part of the way of the way up a sustained climb will only end one of two ways - with your jeep wheel-spinning and sliding backwards, or gaining a measure of traction and toppling backwards.

It's crucial, then, to maintain forward momentum ahead of such climbs - at least until you can properly pimp your ride (or unlock one with a lower centre of gravity).

Throttle feathering

Because you're trying to keep the the weight of your car as balanced as possible (trust me, you are), it's generally not a good idea to keep your finger planted on the accelerator for long periods of time - particularly if you're going up hill. That's a recipe for flippage.

Still, you want to keep up that precious momentum, as mentioned above. In order to strike a happy medium, practice feathering that throttle when things get a little hairy or persistently uphill. Tapping the throttle button at key moments will give you some drive but keep your nose on an even keel.

Save fuel downhill

Struggling with that low fuel warning? Save gas by lifting and coasting down hills, and use gravity and momentum (see, it's important) to carry you forwards.

Accelerate into dips

Your accelerator and brake also affect the orientation of your vehicle in the air - accelerate making you lean back, brake pushing your forward.

It's important, then to get in the habit of accelerating into dips. You'll often find yourself hopping into the air just before you reach them, which can essentially leave you heading nose-first into a hill. A short sharp stab of acceleration will bring your rear wheels around under you and leave you pointing in the right direction.

Cup advice

Cup races are a different kettle of fish entirely, because here maximising speed takes precedence over staying upright. The courses tend to involve more undulating hills, too.

The main thing to remember is that you want to keep all four wheels on the ground as much as possible. After all, no contact, no forward drive, hence no acceleration.

With this in mind, get in the habit of decelerating just before you reach the peak of hills. The trick is not to get too airborne, so that you can apply the power on the way down.

If you've played Tiny Wings, it's surprisingly akin to that.

Upgrade priorities

When it comes to upgrading your jeep, it's unwise to massively favour any one particular area, as all attributes contribute to making your progress easier - just in different ways.

That being said, the biggest liability of the jeep early on is its suspension. It's a lively critter alright, and it'll easily topple on the slightest of bumps, so get that suspension upgraded pronto.

Otherwise, a new engine will enable you to power up those hills, tires will prevent you backsliding, and AWD will also improve traction on slopes.