Smashing new Heroes & Castles update on the way

Join the dark side

Smashing new Heroes & Castles update on the way
| Heroes and Castles

The recently released action RPG and tower defence mash-up Heroes & Castles is getting a huge update, and it should hit the App Store in around a week.

Sure, it addresses the problems some players are encountering, such as co-op connection instability. But Forsaken Media isn't just fixing bugs. The studio is adding a whole new bunch of in-game treats, too.

Brand new to the game is Siege Mode which turns the tables on the heroes and enables players to step into the role of the attackers.

Goodies and baddies

This mode can be played solo, or competitively in multiplayer as a Good vs Evil battle for control. In multi, one player is assaulting, and the other is defending the castle. The Evil side will have four separate classes of its own, and a completely different economy design.

The Good side will gain two brand new heroes to choose from. An Elven Ranger and a Mage join the fight alongside the three already available playable characters, who will be getting shiny new alternate skins.

Cause, you know, you gotta look your best when the bad guys pop round for tea, and swordfights.

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