Hero Academy to get cross-platform play between iOS and PC

Steaming into view soon

Hero Academy to get cross-platform play between iOS and PC
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Robot Entertainment's delightful iOS turn-based strategy game Hero Academy will soon be making the transition across to Steam, allowing iOS owners to go head-to-head against their desktop- / laptop-wielding brethren.

The PC version comes packing a unique group of characters with which to fight, all of whom should look familiar to anyone with a passing interest in PC gaming.

Yes, it's the Team Fortress 2 crew.


Robot Entertainment mentions that you'll need to play the PC version to unlock the Heavy, Medic, misunderstood / nutcase Pyro, et al.

However, the dev does also note that you can then "use them anywhere that you play Hero Academy", suggesting PC-owning iOS owners can get in on the TF2 action, as well.

Hero Academy managed to pick up a Pocket Gamer Bronze Award on release, but has since been updated with a wealth of new content, including new teams to choose from and battlegrounds to fight across.

If you can't wait for its release on Steam, you can nab the iOS version as a Universal app right away for free by hitting the App Store button below.

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