Line drawing game Heli Rescue takes to the skies

Will it collide with Flight Control?

Line drawing game Heli Rescue takes to the skies
| Heli Rescue

Best known for sports titles such as FIFA and Rugby Nations, UK developer Distinctive Developments is experimenting with the line drawing control system, or making a Flight Control clone as us cynical journalists describe it.

Called Heli Rescue, the game sees you in command of four helicopters that you have to organise to save as many people as possible.

All you do is draw a path from a helicopter to the person you want to rescue and then draw a path back to the helipad to drop them off at the hospital.

Or as Distinctive MD Nigel Little explains it:

"My opinion is that drawing a path on screen is a control system and the underlying gameplay of Heli Rescue is very different to Flight Control.

"Our game has much more of a time-management feel to it as you have to decide who is in most need rather than the simpler gameplay of Flight Control.

"So I accept it’s going to be compared to Flight Control and that’s okay, but I wouldn’t call it a clone. But, I am going to say that aren’t I?"

The game will launch with three levels, and three types of helicopter that can carry different numbers of passengers. Of course, such abilities come at a cost and the more spacious helis will use more fuel.

More levels will come with updates.

Unsurprisingly, Heli Rescue will be priced at 99c or 59p and is expected to be live in mid-August.