Heatseeker PSP screens and info scream into view

At this rate there won't be anything left in the sky to shoot

Heatseeker PSP screens and info scream into view
| Heatseeker

It must be Fighter Pilot Video Game Day, because braving the jetstream of this morning's After Burner: Black Falcon screenshots and video fly-by come Heatseeker screens – and not one but two videos.

Granted, the two preview trailers you'll find on the game's official website are actually from the PS2 version (though it should still give you a flavour of the game) but Heatseeker isn't about to be so easily outmanoeuvred by its rival, and as such it's flown in packing additional information.

As a supplement to the details we were able to disclose during the game's announcement, we now know the PSP version features missions designed specifically for short-burst play in order to fit with the nature of handheld gaming. This means stages have been split into sizeable chunks, so that you're never too far away from a mission checkpoint – in fact, Codemasters is claiming you'll find these every ten minutes.

Also revealed is a wireless multiplayer mode for up to four budding pilots, seemingly offering team deathmatch style options.

Heatseeker is currently cleared to engage in combat in late March, a time that should also see After Burner: Black Falcon in the air. All we need now is for M.A.C.H. to hit the runway this spring as promised and everyone can look forward to a mighty digital dogfight.