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Hay Day: How to quickly earn more free coins or tools for your farm

Hay Day: How to quickly earn more free coins or tools for your farm
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Looking to earn more coins in Hay Day? Look no further, we've got the best tips and tricks for you right here.

Hay Day, Supercell's answer to Farmville, has been available since back in 2012, and they haven't stopped developing it. This year alone there have been several major updates to the game, and so it's never too late to get started on the popular farming simulator.

One of the first things you've noticed is that, much like in the real world, money makes the world go around. You'll need money to buy things from stores, to purchase new buildings on your land, and to buy new animals too. As you progress through the game, the main thing you'll be saving money for is to purchase the less common tool items - but, interestingly, these aren't just worth saving for, they're also a great way to get you out of a rut financially.

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Because Hay Day leans on a lot of mechanics that we're used to seeing in idle games, your time is core to your earning experience. If you're spending a lot of time with the game off then you're not progressing. There're a lot reasons why you might be away from the game though, the first - and more common in the late game - is that you're waiting on plants which take a long time to grow.

But, you might also just feel a bit down because your expansion has been slowed down because you're waiting to luck out by getting access to the tools (Axes, Dynamite, Pickaxes, Saws, Shovels and TNT). This is probably especially the case if you are new to the game, where a lot of the late-, or even mid-, game content hasn't been unlocked yet.

Best way to earn money in Hay Day

The best way to earn that money is by selling those tools. That means you'll need the best technique for earning the tools. Firstly, you can get tools from toolboxes, which you can find on your farm, or on your friend's farms. However, you can also collect them from your farm, because, as it turns out, the tools are given at random when you perform certain actions.

These actions include harvesting crops, feeding animals and more. As such, the best thing to do is to plant the fastest crop - wheat - on all of your plots, then harvest, then replant. You'll find that you'll fill up your storage silo quite quickly this way, so do make sure to sell up any excess wheat you grow.

Naturally, it does seem like quite a tough choice, especially as these tools not only clear rocks, trees, logs and swamps, but they also give you experience points, but sometimes it is much more important to have a few more coins in order to sort out your purchases. Of course, you can use this technique to earn the tools a little bit faster if you're more expansion focused.

It's still time consuming, of course, but doing this is the best way to get tools, and - as you likely know - a stack of those will sell for a lot of gold, likely more than enough for you to be able to afford that next purchase.

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