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Hay Day: How to gain coins quickly

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Hay Day: How to gain coins quickly

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Hay Day is a farming simulator where you are trying to make a farm for profit. Selling produce, helping out the town and continuing to invest in your own town can make a huge difference as you are leveling up and growing. Within the game, you will need to keep trying to gain more money, so that you can continue to grow.

There are two different types of currencies in Hay Day; coins, which can be earned quite casually through playing, and gems, which are a more premium currency, only popping up here and there within the game.

Some purchases in Hay Day can be made with just gems, others coins or gems if you do not have enough coins. Coins, as they can be collected through the game quite easily, are something that you want to just keep getting more and more of. After a lot of grinding, we have come up with some of the best ways to get some coins and stay on top of it.

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Keep the Roadside Shop Filled

The roadside shop is a set number of slots where you can sell your items to other, real life people. These people can then purchase the items, giving you their coins. You can sell anything from your farm and silo in these slots, so you’ll want to keep them full. You can pick the price for the items you sell, but there is a cap, which is tied to how long the item takes to make. This means that wheat is the cheapest to sell, but things like cheese or pumpkins, which take longer, can be sold for more.

Advertise your shop well

When it comes to using that roadside shop, you will want to advertise that you have an item on sale. Hay Day allows you to advertise for free, once every 5 minutes. During this time, you will appear in people’s catalogue, with the item next to your name being the same as the one you hit advertise on. You should pick a high value item for this, that will bring people to your farm. It’s also good if you ‘ask for help’ on a few orders before you advertise your shop, that way people who come to your farm have the option to donate items to your orders, which will gain you more money too.

Upgrade Machines

In exchange for some gems, you can add stars to your machines. Some of the machines give you the option to earn more money from items produced in that machine that are then sold as a part of orders. Having an extra 10% added to the price of anything produced in a machine, that is then used for orders, can really start to add up. This done early on in the game, as one of the first few things purchased with gems, can make a big difference as the game goes on.

Check Orders

The orders that come in from boats and trucks will pay you different amounts of money. Though you can get more money from selling in your roadshop farm, if you are still trying to play the game, focusing on orders that do pay more than others can make a big difference! If any of the orders are quite low in pay, you can ‘trash’ them and wait a few minutes for a new one.

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