Harry Potter: Wizards Unite - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a Wizards Unite Creature Compendium

Get ready to wave your wand and capture some creatures!

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a Wizards Unite Creature Compendium

We're excited as we can be for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the new AR game from Niantic that's set to take after Pokémon GO.

So, now we know it's on the way, the question is, what monsters and creatures from the Harry Potter universe will we be running into?

Below we've got a fresh list of ghastly Harry Potter creatures that we think you'll find in Wizards Unite, and how you'll be able to capture them, just like in Pokémon GO.

The Acromantula is like a spider, only an awful lot bigger (up to 15 feet in size) with clicking pincers and a taste for human flesh. If you’re afraid of spiders, you’ll be happy to know that the Acromantula lives in colonies and large groups, so you’ll likely already be doomed before you have the time to be scared. Acromantulas are all over the place in the Harry Potter Universe, and in real life you might find them hiding in the local forest. Just don’t step in any webs…

Imagine a snake. Now imagine a snake that could swallow an entire row of cars. That’s a Basilisk. The gargantuan guardian of the Chamber of Secrets will petrify it’s prey and swallow them whole, like an M&M. We’re not sure what they would be guarding in real life, but I can imagine my nan keeping one to guard the secret corners of her cellar…
The only problem with a Boggart, is knowing you’ve found one. A lot like the Pokémon Ditto, a Boggart could indeed be anywhere. The shapeshifting mass of your worst fears that is the Boggart could indeed take the shape of the worst things you’ve ever seen or imagined. My Boggart would take the form of an out-of-date loaf of bread I’ve just eaten from. But more likely, we think they’ll be caught anywhere, randomly, like Ditto.
What does a wizard family do when they find a Ghoul has taken a liking to their home? Why, they keep it as a pet, of course. Ghouls are mostly harmless apparitions that float about and annoy people basically. Just like in Harry Potter, Ghouls will be wandering just about anywhere, Chameleon Ghouls could even be hiding in plain sight…
You already know what a Giant looks like - imagine a twenty five foot tall person. There you go, that’s a Giant. Giants aren’t much for talking things out, but they have a fair amount of intelligence, creating their own language and culture. Giants would be hard to hide, we imagine they’d be lurking around large open areas, like public parks.
Giant Dung Beetle
This creature does exactly what it says on the tin. Seen lurking in the background of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, it’s a big dung beetle. About two feet high, making poo balls about three feet high, the Giant Dung Beetle is, well, a dung beetle. It’s a magical creature because it’s really big. We don’t think there’s anything magical about the poo, aside from perhaps where they get it from.
A Kneazle is one of the few creatures on this list you may actually want for a pet. The Kneazle is essentially a big, fluffy cat. Very regal in appearance and full of magical power, the Kneazle are highly intelligent and know when a person is acting distrustful. Just like in real life, we expect to find Kneazles hiding in the alley behind the fishmonger or taking a crap in our garden.
Merpeople, despite being intelligent, might not always be the most friendly of faces. They reject the classification of “being” in favour of being known as beasts, so they’re not lumped in with hags and vampires. Like most aquatic creatures, you’ll likely find Merpeople near bodies of water. Lakes, oceans, etc.
About 8 inches high and bright blue, the Pixies are hard to miss and excitable wee buggers. Though they’re known as harmless troublemakers, they have been known to kidnap people, in the past… Pixies will be hiding everywhere, but maybe keep an eye open near forests.
Red Caps
You’d think the worst place to commit a murder would be where a murder just took place, but that’s what the Red Caps are all about. The small dwarf-like creatures show up at sites of recent bloodshed, and bludgeon people to death. Jeez. Red Caps could very well show up near hospitals, or outside your local nightclub on a Saturday night.
Three-Headed Dog
The legend of Cerberus, the three-headed guard dog of myth is apparently not actually a myth in the wizarding world. Three-Headed Dogs are rare, but very real creatures. If you want to get past one, bring your iPod and a speaker. You might be able to find a Three-Headed Dog guarding something special, or just chasing ducks down the lake.
Not intelligent like giants, instead just really big and strong. Trolls are one to be wary of. They’re much more violent and stupid than giants, so they’re not worth conversing with, instead just steer clear and run if necessary. If you want to hunt one down, they’ll be wandering around the less populated parts of rural, continental Europe.
Unicorns need no introduction, they’re a pure white horse with a magic horn on their head. Defenceless creatures, Unicorns don’t attack and fight, and therefore need to be protected from those who would wish to drink their blood and live forever. These will be rare, and you’ll be lucky if you come across one of these late at night near a lake.
If your friend turns into a werewolf, don’t try to console them. They’ll likely lose their mind and attempt to eat you. Most muggles will die from lycanthropy infection, and much of the wizarding world would rather death. Werewolves will most certainly be prowling at night, but could be hiding absolutely anywhere…
Winged Horse
Winged Horses are exactly what they sound like, and belong to one of three breeds, Abraxan, Aethonan, Granian and the Thestral. Winged Horses exist throughout the wizarding world, and can be ridden by the owners. If you’re not flying to find one, they might touch down near some grassy fields to graze.

We expect the creatures below to be the equivalent of “legendary” Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Expect special events and raids to be necessary to capture these creatures…

Dragons are big, scaly, and breathe fire. Good for parties, not so much for house warmings. We expect dragons to be one of the rarer creatures you’ll be hunting down, and there’s even several breeds that you’ll have to hunt down. These are usually found guarding bank vaults and being used in competitions.
The Hippogriff is half eagle and half horse - similar to a Griffin, only missing the lion’s tail. We see Harry making friends with Buckbeak the Hippgriff, and we can’t help but want to make friends too! They’ll be rare though, and seeing as their brilliant feathers are sought after, they’ll be in hiding unless something can bring them out.
You’re not likely to see a rare phoenix, let alone capture one, but anything’s possible… The size of a swan, the phoenix burns a bright red, with feathers glowing in the darkness, and tail feathers burning hot to the touch. Very difficult to domesticate, the phoenix usually lives in Egypt, India or China, atop high mountain ranges.
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