App Army Assemble: Harry Potter: Wizards Unite - How does our community think it will play?

App Army Unite!

App Army Assemble: Harry Potter: Wizards Unite - How does our community think it will play?

Niantic has just announced Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the next AR game to get the Pokemon GO treatment.

Our imaginations are running wild right now wondering how it will play, but we wanted to know in particular what you guys think

That's why we asked the App Army for their thoughts so we could share them in an article on the site. Here's what they had to say.

Raquel Segal

I want to be able to join my favourite house! I think the game will have missions, like fighting dementors and death eaters. Maybe they will add events that happened in the books as well.

In addition you should be able to explore your surroundings and search for secrets that let you cast new spells, create new potions, and produce new objects. You'll probably also find magical creatures along the way, perhaps to battle or take care of.

The name Wizards Unite suggests that the game will have a lot of social activities. The world of Harry Potter is very extensive, so it should be a very interesting game for fans.

Weldon Hathaway

I hope we have to go out and interact with stuff around town like in Pokemon GO. I can't wait to see all the witches and wizards running around the parks shouting spells at each other.

Jt Hernandez

Quidditch matches will be won by grabbing the Golden Snitch (the other player's phone) out of their hands!

Aaron Burdett

I’m really excited to see what they do with it, but deep down I’m expecting it to be a re-skinned Pokemon GO. I hope it isn’t though!

Jt Hernandez

One of the things about Ingress that I always liked better than Pokemon GO was the linking and fielding of portals, which forced the players to go out and actually visit other portals and explore. Pokemon GO just had you visiting individual gyms and stops, and following an incredibly inaccurate radar around to find nearby monsters.

I hope the new game encourages this sense of exploration, manages to capture that spirit as well. The last thing I want to see is another AR gacha game.

Farjad Farabi

I just want the game to be in a finished and functional state at launch, which Pokemon Go seemed to have completely missed.

Steve Clarke

I'd like the game to feel like my phone screen is a window from the muggle world into the wizarding one. Having lots of ways to progress would be great, be that duels with friends, cataloguing magical creatures in the local park, or hunting out death eater enclaves.

For me the best multiplayer games are ones where you can team up with friends to complete a task as well as do PVP with them.

Being able to cast spells with gestures or your voice would be cool, but you might look like a total wally.

Harry Potter is a huge franchise with so many possibilities, I hope the developers do something really exciting with it.

Sean Schilling

My only concern with this game is that it's being developed alongside Warner Brothers who are known for adding invasive microtransactions to their games. Just look at what happened with Middle-Earth: Shadow of War.

Laura Egri

I won't hold my breathe on this. AR is trendy today, which makes it incredible exploitable. It's been over-hyped so far and it hasn't exactly been great so far.

Pokemon GO was good but it never hit its true potential. As Steve said the game would do best if would function like a muggles to wizard world portal with a learning curve that would make me feel like a Hogwarts student.

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