Gomorrah is an upcoming interactive crime drama for mobile and PC based on the best-selling book

Gomorrah is an upcoming interactive crime drama for mobile and PC based on the best-selling book

Today, developer 34BigThings has announced Gomorrah, an interactive crime drama based on the best selling book. It's set to release for Android and PC on February 16th, bringing all the grit of the mafia life to our pockets.

The game follows the story of Nina Miniero trying to rise through the ranks to become head of the Famiglia and establish her crew as a top crime syndicate. She is thrust into this role after an attack on her father means she needs to take charge and decide how to lead her mafia family.

Throughout the game, Nina will need to make some tough decisions, often picking between good and evil. She can pursue a path of peace or seek revenge. The choices she makes will change the course of the story, with eight different endings to discover.

Whatever route she takes, training her scagnozzo is imperative. As Nina, you can handpick each member and determine who is best suited for particular missions. Everyone in your crew has distinct strengths and weaknesses to consider before sending them into the fray.

Alongside picking who will tackle each task, you will need to manage your resources and strategically select your battles. The missions in Gomorrah are procedurally generated, meaning they should constantly provide new challenges to overcome and will hopefully keep things interesting even on repeat playthroughs.

Gomorrah sports a dark comic book-esque art style with the visuals provided by artist Luca Negri. We recently chatted with Game Designer Mattia Bernatti Vittorio about the thought process behind the game's graphic style, among other topics, including how it ties in with the TV series and the challenges the team faced during development. Do give that a read if you're interested in learning more about the work carried out behind the scenes.

Gomorrah will release on Google Play and Steam on February 16th.

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