Golf Blitz cheats and tips - Levelling up and FAST

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Golf Blitz cheats and tips - Levelling up and FAST

Level up and get better skills in Golf Blitz

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What's the point in playing a game if you can't level up? The challenge? The satisfaction? The narrative? Nay, I say, it's all about levelling up and feeling like a God among men, even when it's a golf game.

In Golf Blitz I want to feel like Tiger Woods going up against someone who is not Tiger Woods. And preferably I want to feel like Tiger Woods before the adultery scandal. Yes, I make this reference in every golf article, so sue me. I don't know any other golfers.

Regardless, here we will give you the tips you need in order to golf like a pro and level up as fast as possible. Read on for everything you need to know about levelling up in Golf Blitz.

How to level up

Golf Blitz

Levelling up in Golf Blitz is just as important as you think it is. Yes, that's correct. Very.

Though you won't be getting anywhere just by winning in competitions. Typical. Unfortunately, in order to level up and become stronger, things are more difficult than that.

In order to earn experience in Golf Blitz you will be working hard in to earn new cards and upgrade your existing card arsenal. Using Bux to upgrade your array of cards is literally the only way you can earn experience.

Experience is pretty important too, as you'll be earning skill points which you can put into Power, Speed or Accuracy, all of which are incredibly important, of course. Any of these will make you a more competitive and fearsome golfer than without them.

Upgrading your skills results in the same thing, too. Skill points which will affect the Power, Speed and Accuracy of individual skills. Imagine a power shot with strict accuracy to boot - that would be perfect.

Though to get anywhere close you'll have to put a lot of effort in, so keep playing and remember to open card packs as often as you possibly can.

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Card packs

As mentioned, you will need to open as many card packs as possible in order to level up in Golf Blitz.

That does of course mean you should be working hard so you can stock up on and open card packs regularly, and should double check the store or events for any extra packs you can get your hands on.

Just don't spend your own money on card packs unless you're sure you want to. You can easily make progression for free, if you enjoy playing.

Free packs

On the main screen you will be able to see that you can earn some packs for free, without waiting. You can't possibly complain about that.

One type of pack will unlock after you've been progressing well in online games, and after ten stars will reward you with a free pack. Each star is earned by getting to the hole before your opponents.

These packs are precious and useful, so you should be aiming to open them up as often as possible so you can keep moving forward.


Now that you've opened up all your packs it's time to head into your inventory. You can unlock new golfer avatars, hats, skills and much more.

Whatever you can upgrade, you should upgrade, though you need to keep in mind that you will need Bux too. It's only five Bux per upgrade at first, but that quickly escalates.

It also means you shouldn't waste your Bux haphazardly, as you will never know when the extra Bux might be needed to unlock something, and level up.

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