App Army Assemble: Golem Rage - An endless runner you'll want to speed through?

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App Army Assemble: Golem Rage - An endless runner you'll want to speed through?
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Friday has finally loomed and with it (aside from the glorious promise of a little R&R at the weekend) it's all about the App Army.

They got to play around with Golem Rage this week now it's out on Android. If you've got no idea what I'm talking about, Golem Rage is a running brawler where you, a wooden Golem, have to charge through enemies, castles, and punch everything in your way to get to sweet, sweet freedom.

But, what did our army of game-lovers think of it? Let's take a look.

Ed Davis (iPhone 7)

This feels similar to many auto-runners out there. You tackle your way through enemies to try to beat the best time to the end goal. Traps and barriers block your way and try to stop you from accomplishing your goal. The controls are fairly basic and work well on touch screen, and they feel responsive and generally quite sensitive.

Whilst many people may enjoy this type of game, I felt like it was a bit repetitive with just a few added obstacles to face each time. It's not a game I would race back to, but one I might pick up if I have nothing else to play.

Mark Abukoff (iPhone 7)

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of these games to start with. There's too much restarting if you miss a simple thing and it all gets too repetitive too quickly for me, with a fair degree of frustration mixed in. There are similar games that look a lot better, and I was unimpressed and bored quickly.

If you like these games and you can play them forever without getting bored, you might like this. But, odds are you've probably already done the same thing with better presentation.

Roman Valerio (iPad Air, iOS 11.4)

With the listed size of nearly 947 megabytes I had expected much more from this runner with brawling elements than what I got eventually. I highly doubt that this game will be all the rage amongst iOS gamers, since it doesn't offer anything new or ground-breaking at all.

You take on the role of a misanthropic Golem trying to roll/smash your way to a finish line before your enemies catch up with you. To make your life even more difficult your escape route features quite a number of obstacles such as spikes, crates, armed guards, archers, meteor showers, and more.

To me, completing the first world was as easy as taking candy from a baby and I typically do not play action games. In my opinion it would probably make sense for the developer to switch to a freemium model and by all means have their in-game, as well as App Store, texts edited by a professional native English proofreader.

Recommended for all those mobile gamers who enjoy playing simplistic, uninspiring, and reckless titles to kill some free time.

Daniel Steinbrecher (iPhone 7/iPad)

Well, played the first chapter and I really don't know what to think about the game. My feelings are very mixed. For me, it's neither bad or good. Its controls are simple, but it has some complexity.

With moving on the left and special interactions on the right it feels like they didn't think things through until the end. Why? Well, a huge, clumsy Golem slides up and down without any animations and wooden boxes and enemies just block you off. I mean, you're a giant so why are you getting blocked by humans?

Also, you can just roll and avoid nearly everything to finish the level in time for a gold medal. I think the intention of the game is good, but I have a feeling they focused on a younger target group. Additionally, the game does not give any benefits by defeating huge groups of enemies. "One Finger Death Punch" will meet that goal much more efficiently.

Chad Jones (iPad Mini 4)

This is an arcade-like autorunner beat 'em up, with a standard three-star rating - in this case gold, silver, and bronze. It's more time trial than goal-based (at least for levels I've completed).

Is it worth $3.99? I don't know. The graphics are good, the controls are mediocre, and I find myself getting into the obstacles very easily because movement is based on your left thumb sliding up or down. Sometimes I forget which side to swipe for different actions. It doesn't really bring anything new to the table.

Paul Manchester

More like a kids tantrum. I could see that this kind of game would have been acceptable a few years ago when mobile gaming was finding its feet, but today it looks basic and dated. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing offensively bad about this, it just drowns in a sea of similar mobile titles.

I think gamers deserve more from mobile games, so save your rage for something else.

Steve Clarke

After playing the first eight levels I'm struggling to find anything I really like or dislike about this game. Like a tray of sausage rolls at a wedding buffet, there's nothing offensive about it, but neither is it going to be your first port of call when you need something to soak up all that wine you've been drinking.

It plays a bit like an endless runner version of Streets of Rage, where you use one of your attacks to knock enemies out or simply run past while trying to avoid the environmental hazards along the way.

There's a mildly humorous storyline told via comic strips to drive the narrative along between levels, but it's sparse and really doesn't add much. More 'Golem Meh' than 'Rage' I'm afraid. Give it a go if you think the gameplay will appeal to you.

Rohit Bhatia (Nexus 5x)

When I play a game I want to have fun and I'm having fun with this. Sure, its concepts and core gameplay are old, but it's still a fun game and challenging too. It's repetitive but games like Punch Quest are also repetitive, but they're fun and everybody loves them including me.

The main problem with this game is if it was free people will say: "yeah download it." It's cool, but for $3.99 it's not worth the asking price. 99c would have been perfect for it. Instead, I would spend $4 for Chameleon Run or one of the Alto's games. There's a variety of enemies and the graphics are good. The controls are complex - you'll run into obstacles very easily on your first try - but, after you have the hang of it you'll do better.

There are better games than this. I would not recommend it despite liking it because of the price tag. Buy something new like Tiny Bubbles for this price.

Swapnil Kumar (Lenovo K4 Note)

I did not like this game at all. I've played and enjoyed lots of side-scrollers like Reaper, Magic Rampage, Swordigo, Dan the Man, and used to love them back in the day, but times have changed. That means there has to be change in new products too, which this game has totally ignored.

Run, swipe, run, swipe, and that's it. Its graphics, animations, sounds, and app design are all well done, but the game is hollow in itself. At least for me. I got bored and I played for an hour hoping to get to something awesome, but nope. Still the same. Sorry if I'm too harsh, I'm grateful to be able to play this, but the game is too tappy for anyone's good.

Federico Casavecchia (iPhone X)

The first thing I have to say is that some text is not correctly aligned to fit on my device's screen, ending under iPhone X notch. Apart from this, Golem Rage is a very basic-looking side-scrolling endless runner.

The good thing is that there are actually levels to complete (I hate endless levels), so at least you have a target time to complete a level. The bad thing is that time requirements are way too high, even if you make many mistakes you easily achieve a good position so there is little to no challenge at all.

I would not suggest this game as a must buy, even though the graphics are cute) and the soundtrack is okay.

Funem (Samsung Galaxy S8+)

Golem Rage is a nicely presented game with good graphics, humour, and sound. It's a side-on endless runner split over levels. The basic objective is to run, smash, and roll your way across the screen to the end goal and achieve the fastest possible time.

For all the good graphics, humour, and sound however, the game is lacking. I gave it a shot and played it for a while, but it becomes to repetitive too quickly and there's nothing new to keep me wanting to play on. I also had problems with the controls, as minimal as they are. Sometimes the left or right swipe did nothing for the whole level, but worked when I chose to retry the same level. Sometimes it stopped working mid-level and all I could do was bash and move out of the way using the up and down motions on the screen.

I would say the collision detection seems a bit suspect as well. I would rather recommend one of the Rayman games like Jungle run or Fiesta run - I found them more engaging and a lot more fun.

Scott Burton (Lenovo Moto 4)

Golem Rage is similar to most endless runners as you control your Golem by moving up and down. Sadly, the other controls involved are iffy and its attacks and rolls are left to chance if they will work.

This game is slow and plodding, and leaves me wanting to set my phone down and do something else. It becomes very repetitive quickly and the game is too simple for good replay value. Racing towards the end facing enemies, picking up life, and dodging traps should provide a thrill that this game lacks. Its lackluster animation leaves you bored. Golem Rage features a Golem but none of the rage.

Jason Rosner (iPhone 7 Plus)

Golem Rage is an arcade style auto runner from Zuki Games and since the beta I've been impressed with this indie title. The controls really help it stand out in a crowded field by giving you more precise movement and some cool combat options than most autos do.

The left side of your screen gives you vertical movement, and the right side gives you sick ninja style moves that you acquire as you progress through the early stages. You start with a standard punch and roll. From there you gain the ability to light some foes up by packing power to those punches, all while navigating crowded environments filled with beautiful cartoon graphics and numerous foes.

The music peaks when the onscreen action gets tense and the story is told via some short comic book strips between levels. There's also a workshop that allows you to further power up with boosts such as added health and stronger skills to help you vanquish your enemies. For an epic adventure look no further than Golem Rage.

Joseph Mark Maceiko (Galaxy Tab S3)

Overall Golem Rage is a decent game. It just doesn't do anything that hasn't been done before that would make it stand out in a crowded auto runner genre.

The controls are solid and responsive, the game does a good job of ramping up the difficulty as you progress, and there are some real challenges, so expect to die a lot. The cartoony graphics and soundtrack are good, though on a few occasions my character would get stuck on an invisible barrier. I also had the game crash on me once.

Fans of this type of game will enjoy the experience, but for me there are not enough unique features in the game to make me want to come back to it. Don't get me wrong, the game is fun and a worthwhile download, but not enough for me to add it to my list of frequently played games.

Dries Pretorius (iPad Air)

Golem Rage is unexceptional in its level design, aesthetic, and gameplay innovation. There is nothing powerful about this beast that gets stopped dead by just about anything larger than garden pebbles. Punch Quest is a better runner-brawler, I am the Hero, Dan the Man, and the new Justice Royale are better brawlers. RunGunJumpGun has better level design, the Rayman series are better runners, and Dragon Hills is more blissfully chaotic.

All of the aforementioned games are more efficiently written with file sizes that justify their content. Golem Rage feels big in all the wrong ways and is instantly forgettable in a genre saturated with innovative titles.

Quincy Jones (iPhone 8 Plus)

While honestly not a bad game at all I have to agree with other members in saying that the gameplay seems dated.

We've seen this sort of game done a million times and, yes, the graphics look nice, but after about three rounds you realize there's nothing exceptional to make you want continue playing. With that I allowed my Golem to be destroyed

Oksana Ryan (iPad Pro)

There is really only one way to describe this game and that is 'repetitive'. It's a runner with obstacles such as soldiers, archers, and spiked floors in your way and so it goes on. There is nothing new to offer fans of this genre with basic graphics, sound, controls, and very little in the way of skill needed to play it.

It's not a dreadful game, it just doesn't have anything challenging to offer. There's nothing new or interesting to keep me wanting to continue on to the next level. It's a shame because running games can be real fun if they're well thought out. Sorry, but it's not for me.

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