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Play soccer with friends and fam through Golazo on AirConsole, the virtual console that lets you play with your phones on PC and TV

Play soccer with friends and fam through Golazo on AirConsole, the virtual console that lets you play with your phones on PC and TV
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Soccer aficionados don’t need to limit their fandom to just the actual live matches in the field this month with AirConsole announcing that Golazo, the dynamic virtual soccer game, will be free-to-play from today until the end of June on its netflix-style cloud gaming service AirConsole - a revolutionary platform that lets you enjoy console gaming with the use of your smartphones as game pads without the need for additional hardware, making it both convenient and easy to use.

Featuring 52 national teams and 28 managers in a funky hand-drawn style, Golazo is ridiculous sports escapism at its finest.

Fancy a Golazo World Cup at home?

In Golazo, players won’t have to stress about the countless responsibilities of upper management (sports management sims are a dime a dozen these days). When it comes to pure enjoyment, it’s all about the love of the game - and Golazo delivers just that with rowdy soccer matches you can play with friends.

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Featuring fun character designs combined with fast-paced arcade gameplay, Golazo is soccer at its most fun - plus awesome power-ups. Pass, shoot, and tackle your way to the ball, or go for cool boosts like super-sprints and super-shots. Best of all, you won’t have to fear having your fun spoiled by fussy referees because in Golazo: there are no referees!

Simply grab your phone (and your soccer buddy), connect to the big screen, and play - or better yet, create your own tournament at home. To join in on all the hype of Euro 2020, players can organize their own Golazo tournament, and all soccer fans are invited. Participating in the AirConsole Golazo Cup 2021 is as easy as heading on over to airconsole.com/golazo to get started!

Why AirConsole is the way to Go(lazo)

The game is perfect for AirConsole’s online video game console where you’ll need to use your phones as controllers. The flexibility brings back the fun of arcades and couch co-ops to really boost the social aspect of Golazo. Simply connect your mobile device to your TV or PC and you can play to your heart’s content.

If you’re looking for more games you can cycle through in a month, you can opt for the monthly and yearly subscription service called AirConsole Hero to get access to over 150 multiplayer games with exclusive in-game content.

How to get started with the game

Until the end of June, Golazo can be played for free on AirConsole without a subscription. This offer isn’t just limited to Golazo either - new players can take advantage of the platform’s freemium Starter Pack, which offers a selection of free games every week.

You can use your desktop, your Amazon Fire TV, your Android TV, or your tablet as a console without any extra hardware, making party games or friendly matches with the family as accessible as ever.

You can find out more about AirConsole from the official website, or download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store and play Golazo for free right now until the end of the month!