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Godzilla Destruction is a chaotic kaiju game out now on iOS and Android

Godzilla Destruction is a chaotic kaiju game out now on iOS and Android
| Godzilla Destruction

Toho Games has released another from its lineup of Godzilla mobile games today with Godzilla Destruction hitting the iOS App Store and Google Play.

Godzilla Destruction allows you to become the King of the Monsters himself and embark on a worldwide rampage as you level cities and destroy human settlements. Using the tap of a finger, you control Godzilla’s titanic body and devastating heat ray to crush buildings as if they were toy blocks.

You can check out the trailer for Godzilla Destruction below, which provides a small taste of the terrifying action expected in Godzilla Destruction.

The release of this game comes along with a wave of other new spin-off products to tie-in with the recent Godzilla vs. Kong film that released last month. Run Godzilla came before that, which is a game about growing kaiju so they can set out on adventures. Meanwhile, the upcoming Godzilla Battle Line will be a real-time strategy game about forming your own team of monsters to fight against others from around the world.

Godzilla is a franchise of monster films featuring the titular gigantic creature, who has made numerous appearances in film and other formats since 1954. The most recent outing has been Godzilla vs. Kong, which also features the giant ape character King Kong.

Godzilla Destruction is available now from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store, which you can access from the above links.

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