With sociable tweaks, GodFinger is now out globally for iPad users

But the iPhone and iPod touch release waits on 1.1 update

With sociable tweaks, GodFinger is now out globally for iPad users
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With ngmoco's We Rule doing the business in terms of its position on the US top grossing charts (currently #4, was #1), company's focus is moving to its other online free-to-play game, GodFinger.

As happened with We Rule, it's previously only been available in Canada while ngmoco checks its server infrastructure and tweaks the gameplay.

Now, the launch of iPad has seen the game roll out globally; for the small number of people who currently have an iPad of course.

The final global release for iPhone and iPod touch users is waiting on a 1.1 update to game; something that ngmoco's hasn't yet submitted to Apple, so is unlikely to be with us for at least a week.

Bigger worlds

As part of this process however, developer Wonderland has made some big changes to the game.

There's the addition of a galaxy map, where you can add friends and keep tabs on their godly progress. Indeed, you can even visit your friends' planets try to enchant their followers.

You do this using the Enchantment Wonder to enchant a follower. If your friend consents, you'll both earn a share of the enchanted follower's gold until the enchantment is broken.

This replaces the original Mystics unit, which has been removed from the game, although ngmoco says you can still name followers after friends.

More stuff

Another conclusion of the Canadian beta test is that GodFinger doesn't have enough content for high-level players.

To overcome this, over the next few weeks, ngmoco will be adding new goals, including runes that will dispense more land and gold.

It will also be changing the pace of the game with a wider variety of buildings available in the Awe Store.

These will include what the company calls 'high-powered, limited-use buildings' such as the campfire. Higher level buildings will be more valuable, allowing followers to work longer and earn more gold.

Further tweaks will include new buildings and decorations, followers won't get tired during the construction of buildings, and more functionally, mailbox management will let you clear all your messages at once.

GodFinger is out now for iPad, and free-to-play.
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