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Goddess Kiss: O.V.E is a brand new hero collecting RPG from Flero Games

Collect anime girls and save the world

Goddess Kiss: O.V.E is a brand new hero collecting RPG from Flero Games

Flero Games just recently launched Goddess Kiss: O.V.E, a new gacha RPG for the mobile available globally. It's currently ranked the No.2 game n the Trending Game category on Google Play in North America, and is No.1 in South Korea.

Based on a light novel from anime scriptwriter Mariko Kurisawa, Goddess Kiss: O.V.E is set in a post-war world where mutant monsters have emerged. The only thing standing in the way of this new threat and humanity’s destruction? Anime girls. Not just any anime girls, either — dedicated monster-hunting anime girls, called Oves.

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There are more than one hundred of these Oves to collect through raffles and farming. Each boasts detail-rich, colourful 2D illustrations and animations, and appears during in-game battles in an adorable ‘chibi’ form. You’ve even got a house in which to shelter them, which you can adorn with all sorts of furniture and accessories.

Across the more than 300 stages in Adventure Mode, you will pit your girls against waves of creatures in combat, watching as the story unfolds. As you’d expect from a game in this genre, your heroes have differing star ratings — the more stars, the rarer and more formidable the Ove. As you play, you can upgrade your collected characters in various ways, from enhancing their skills to strengthening their weaponry.

Beyond the Adventure Mode, there are giant enemies to test your Oves against in the Boss Dungeon, with the promise of new weapons as a reward. Plus, a Daily Dungeon to clear for enhancement materials, and Defence Mode, where you can use various strategic approaches to defend against rushing enemies.

As well as PvE modes, you can compete in five-aside PvP matches against similarly ranked opponents within the Global Battle Arena. You can also choose to buddy up with fellow players courtesy of a Union guild system, and a co-operative World Raid mode. So— plenty to keep you and your heroes busy.

Begin collecting and battling by downloading Goddess Kiss: O.V.E for free on Android or iOS.