Glyder 2 for iPad now free

Glyder 2 for iPhone now gone

Glyder 2 for iPad now free
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Ethereal gliding sim Glyder 2 on iPhone was officially Pocket Gamer's favourite game of 2009, but the franchise appears to be experiencing some strange turbulence. Glyder 2 is no longer available on the UK App Store for some reason, and the more recent Glyder 2 for iPad is now free.

Why? The user ratings may provide a clue. Glyder 2 for iPad – which was recently put on sale at 59p to commemorate Independence Day - currently has an average of three stars out of five.

Of the 18 users to have rated it, eight have given it one star, and the three users to have commented complain of stuttering and crashing.

The App Store listing doesn't indicate a time limit for the sale. It just says, 'GET THE FULL GAME COMPLETELY FREE!!'

[Update: Glu has been in touch to let us know that the iPhone version of Glyder 2 has been taken down temporarily to resolve some compatibility issues with iOS 4.]