Gitaroo Man PSP for under £10

Has the world gone mad?

Gitaroo Man PSP for under £10

Such is the cost of living these days that you're not likely to get much change from a tenner when purchasing dental floss.

Imagine, then, being able to exchange said amount for one of the brightest and finest creations to have graced Sony's handheld so far?

Don't waste time with visualisation techniques, however, because is actually selling Gitaroo Man Lives! for £9.99 as part of its spring cleaning-style sale promotion.

There are other titles worth checking out – not least Field Commander also under £10, as mentioned last week – but everyone's focus should be on Koei's remarkable rhythm action title.

Because at some point the retailer is going to see sense and realise it should be charging three times as much for such a glorious gaming experience. Again, see our review if you're unsure.