Ghostbusters DS still in development

That's the kind of bustin' that makes us feel good

Ghostbusters DS still in development
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The all-new Ghostbusters game has seen some turbulence lately, after the concept was dropped by Activision, then picked up again by Atari. Well, according to a hands-on Kotaku had today, the DS version is still very much under development, and likely for a June 2009 release alongside the console versions.

Judging by Kotaku's very early preview, this actually sounds a lot like the old (yet awesome) 8-bit versions - with a bit of top-down Ecto 1 driving followed by some proton-throwing by the four paranormal investigators.

The rookie character that will feature in the console versions doesn't appear to be involved in the DS game, though earning money to buy technology and ghost busting upgrades, along with shoring up the team's reputation, seems to be a significant part of the gameplay.

Right now, we're just thrilled to know that the game hasn't disappeared into a puddle of ectoplasmic goo, so hit the 'Track It!' button for more Ghostbusters news as it surfaces.

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