Ghost Rider races onto mobile

Marvel comic gets a new lease of life from Hands-On

Ghost Rider races onto mobile
| Ghost Rider

For most of us, fiery vengeance is what happens the morning after an ill-advised curry.

That's not the case for Johnny Blaze, though. He wreaks fiery vengeance every night in his role as the Ghost Rider, an immortal motorcycle stunt rider who roams the streets seeing off evil gangs.

You might know him from his Marvel comic, but now he's got his own mobile game too (ahead of an upcoming movie) courtesy of Hands-On Mobile.

The core of the game involves racing the streets killing enemies using fire balls, shotguns and, erm, 'hell chains'.

You can do power slides and wheelies along the way, which build up a 'flame bar' that when full, gives you invulnerability, unlimited fire balls and a speed boost for a limited period. If only real-world motorbikes had these kinds of features.

The game includes story levels, where you eliminate enemy henchmen and then see off their boss, and bonus levels which are more about big stunts.

Ghost Rider is out soon, and we'll have a review for you soon. Once we've recovered from that vindaloo, obviously.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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