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Valor Legends: Eternity

Available on: iOS + Android

About Valor Legends: Eternity

Welcome to Valor Legends: Eternity, a magical world full of epic tales and exciting adventures! Loads of Heroes with unique characteristics await you on the way seeking the Lost Eternal Artifacts! Summon them into your crew and guide them through the fascinating but dangerous unknown world against the Shadow Force! The fate of the world lies in your hand!


-Exquisite graphic design!
A visual feast especially built for you - exquisite and simple art style, high-quality rendered hero models allow you to dive into this vivid world.

-No more grinding!
Auto Idle while you're away! Constantly store idle rewards while you relax!

-Reset heroes with almost zero cost!
Reset your heroes to get back all materials used before! Reform various teams within a few clicks!

-Share levels with your heroes!
Accept the blessing of the Blessing Temple. Instantly make your low-level Heroes stronger!

- Abundant Strategies to apply!
Hundreds of unique Heroes in different factions with specific skills! Summon your Heroes, train them to become powerful warriors! Improvise your Attack and Defense Formation in a 4*4 grid map!

- Real-time intense battles!
All battles happen in real-time! The victory is at hand!

- Tons of Content!
Challenge the Guardians of Endless Trial; Explore the Mysterious Realms; Accept the Bounty Offers; Adventure in Magic Expedition with your strongest team! Much fun to enjoy!

Stay tuned for more changes in Valor Legends: Eternity