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Ears and Burgers

Available on: iOS

About Ears and Burgers

You're looking at a unique cooking game full of capricious little rabbits and huge stacks of food.

These weird little buddies are eager to taste the delicious human food: hamburgers, sandwiches, pizza, sushi, and tacos. And, of course, the more the better. They are real gluttons. And, to be honest, quite sensitive as well. So, please, do not even dare to add the wrong ingredient. Because the consequences will be unpredictable. No kidding. You are officially warned.

What to do?
- make the highest food tower
- complete the craziest recipes
- visit astonishing locations with its unique cuisine
- explore all the rabbits' emotions and reactions
- overcome all the challenges and weirdness

Simply put:
- an outstanding art style & animations
- satisfying visual and sound design
- classic cooking gameplay with the depth
- bonus levels, challenges and bosses
- 5 locations with its unique cuisine
- a pile of collectible items

Get your portion of this weird fun!
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