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Developer: IUGO Mobile Entertainment
Publisher: Xbox Game Studios (Windows Phone)
| Available on: iOS + Windows Phone


*Now iPad Enhanced* Plays on all iDevices! iPhone, iPod and iPad enhanced. Download once, play on ALL!

This game is a blast! You are tasked to carefully plant limited dynamite bundles in order to demo obsolete structures. Sounds easy enough, right? WRONG! Implode! is a classic “easy to learn, hard to master” casual game that will pull you in and won’t let go. Features include:

✓ Optimized for iPad, iPhone & iPod.
✓ Watch buildings tumble with real physics!
✓ 150 levels built-in!
✓ Themed zones such as Nature, Space, Festivity, City etc.
✓ Download unlimited free levels created by other players!
✓ Rate and categorize downloaded zones for the community.
✓ Different bomb types such as directional bombs, delayed charges, blast bombs, black hole bombs and more!
✓ Implosion soundscape! Hear the structure collapse into a pile of rubble.
✓ Reactive UI, touch and drag options
✓ Fun chalkboard theme and clean graphics
✓ Varying structure shapes and environment for ongoing challenge
✓ Submit score online (online score is the sum of all levels’ high scores)
✓ Grading system for high scores adding replayability to each level
✓ 3 Difficulties; Casual, Veteran, and Expert
✓ In-level help system: Learn as you play!
✓ IUGO VIP: Sandbox cheat gives you more bombs and you never fail! (high scores disabled with this feature) You will need 10 VIP points to unlock the cheat.
✓ IUGO's signature high-quality and polish


**Update #9 NOW AVAILABLE**
✓ Zone concern reporting fixes
✓ Bug fixes for downloaded zone listing issues
✓ Bug fix for empty downloaded zone problem
✓ Bug fix for issue where downloaded zones disappears after 120+ zone downloads. Lost saved data cannot be recovered but you could re-download these zones.

**Update #8 NOW AVAILABLE**
✓ Level editor for iPhone and iPod touch
✓ Bug fixes and optimization.

**Update #7 NOW AVAILABLE**
✓ Implosion soundscape feature! Hear the building collapse into a pile of rubble.
✓ Zone sharing! Upload and share all your user-created zones!
✓ Unlimited free zone downloads for all devices!
✓ Rate and categorize downloaded zones for the community.
✓ Get new zones created by your peers for FREE!
✓ Bug fixes, optimization and performance enhancement.

**Update #6 NOW AVAILABLE**
✓ Full iPad support. Play at full iPad screen resolution!
✓ iPad enhanced content.
✓ iPad level editor for creating your own levels. (Level sharing coming soon in future update!)
✓ New levels for iPod, iPhone and iPad. Total: 150 WOW!
✓ Auto orientation support.
✓ Bug fixes, optimization and performance enhancement.

More Implode! update history at:

What the critics are saying:

“Physics toys are certainly not a rare bird on the iPhone these days, but seldom are they as good or as fun as Implode.”
- Andrew,

“…it’s a solid, light-hearted physics puzzler that should elicit a grin from your destructive side.”
- Bonnie,

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