Gamebook Adventures coming to iPad


Gamebook Adventures coming to iPad

Tin Man Games is bringing its range of interactive fantasy gamebooks to the iPad, with a wealth of updates and tweaks to make use of the tablet's unique strengths.

Gamebook Adventures is a series of brand new fantasy books where you control the flow of the story. Between the narrative and artwork, you'll face off against fantasy beasties in a dice-based battle system.

Writing on the developer's official blog, Tin Man Games says "we did not want to solely port across the iPhone version as it was," before calling out competitors and their rushed out ports, "solely up-rezzing their existing apps and quickly throwing them up on the app store."

Like Apple's official iBooks app, turning the iPad to landscape mode shows two pages of the book at once. Also, screens such as your character sheet and maps appear as floating menus, so you won't have to leave the page you're on.

The developer is also, "increasing the resolution of all the in-game artwork and illustrations," as you would expect from having about double the amount of pixels as before.

Gamebook Adventures 1: An Assassin in Orlandes is available now on iPhone and iPod touch for £2.99 / $4.99 / €3.99, with the second Adventure, The Siege of the Necromancer, coming soon.

Both books are set for an iPad release "in the coming months".

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
Mark Brown is editor at large of Pocket Gamer