In the match-three genre it's hard to find a title that can go up against the behemoth that is Bejeweled. While Candy Crush Saga seems to be doing just that by imitating PopCap's hit as closely as possible, other developers have to turn to innovation to distinguish themselves.

This is the route Inlogic Software has gone down with Swapper, offering a different take on the genre by framing the action through the eyes of a sorting robot.

Playing as said robot, you move left and right across a fixed rail reaching out and grabbing blocks as they descend from the top of the screen. Matching four or more in a line or any connecting shape clears it from the board.

It's not as simple as that, though, as you'll need to keep the robot charged and ready as movement drains its battery. You can recharge the battery by sitting on electrical pads located at either end of the track.

This means that levels aren't just about managing the ceaseless advance of blocks, but also zipping back and forth to keep you mobile. In some respects it makes the game a battle against time.

You can also work through and customise your robot as you make your way through the career to help improve its speed, battery consumption, and reach.

It's not the deepest of titles, but thanks to some interesting RPG-esque ideas and addictive gameplay, Swapper is a welcome addition to any Java-enabled device.


A simple and fun tile-matching title that throws in some novel ideas but it won’t keep you hooked for more than a few minutes at a time
Vaughn Highfield
Vaughn Highfield
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