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Game Dev Story - How to get a Hardware Engineer

Game Dev Story - How to get a Hardware Engineer

In Game Dev Story, every single member of the team has a significant impact on the development process. The more skilled developers you hire, the better your results will be. And in this guide, we will talk about Game Dev Story hardware engineers.

You will learn how to get a hardware engineer in Game Dev Story and how it impacts your team’s growth. There is also a general guide for Game Dev Story with just a couple of tips that will help you get a good grip on the essential strategies.


Although many players expect to hire their first hardware engineer in the middle of the game, the reality is different. You can even make millions of dollars on your video games and become the most successful gaming company ever, but the game won’t allow you to hire a hardware engineer.

The only way to get a hardware engineer is to level up one of the characters that have director and producer roles to level 5. Before you can do this, you need to level up all other staff to level 5, including coder, writer, designer, and sound engineer - and it requires much more effort, money and experience than it might seem.

At level 5, staff members start to require a hefty salary. So you will probably waste a few million dollars before even thinking about creating the first console. That’s why most players choose to play the game without making their consoles.


Before you get disappointed after reading the previous paragraph, there is an exception to the rule - you can get a hardware engineer named Chimpan Z! He is the only worker with a default hardware engineer role.

However, you should obtain three Game of the Year Awards to get Chimpan Z. It takes time and effort, so it's maybe even more straightforward to accumulate a few million and level up the hardware engineer.


A hardware engineer is one of the eight careers available in Game Dev Story. He has perfect stats for Program and Scenario but pretty bad stats for Sound and Graphics. A skilled hardware engineer can significantly improve the growth of any team, and the main reason for it is his focus area.

In Game Dev Story, hardware engineers are focused on console creation. And releasing your console is one of the best ways to make money. Other than that, your steady source of income would be games, of course, but for that, you'll need the right Game Dev Story combos

Recruiting more Engineers into your team speeds up the development process and rewards you with special bonuses. By gathering four hardware engineers for your team, you will get a Potato Chip (GPU). And if you get two more of them, you will get a Punch Card (Media).

That’s it with hardware engineers in Game Dev Story. They are used to develop your console and are unlocked only at the late game stages when you can afford a few million as expenses for your staff. While you're still here, feel free to check our list of the best offline mobile games that don't need WiFi!