Galaxy on Fire 2 now a universal app on iPhone and iPad

Price remains the same, but only for a few days

Galaxy on Fire 2 now a universal app on iPhone and iPad
| Galaxy on Fire 2

Fishlabs’s extraordinary sandbox space opera Galaxy on Fire 2 is now a universal app, meaning iPad owners will no longer have to play the luscious looking game in a tiny little window (or as a pixelated blob).

Galaxy on Fire 2 is a space trading/exploration/sandbox game in which pilot Keith Maxwell finds himself flung through time and space after his engines malfunction.

Now 30 years in the future, and a long way from home, Keith must re-build his funds, build up a reputation with the opposing factions in the region, and shoot hundreds of space pirates in order to find out what happened and get back home.

Alternatively, if you’re me, he’ll be spending most of his time scouring the bulletin boards for tiny changes in goods prices to maximise profits. My Maxwell is a little nerdy.

Galaxy on Fire 2 managed to secure a Pocket Gamer Silver Award last month for its excellent Freelancer/Elite-style space adventuring, so it’s well worth checking out if you haven’t already done so.

Now is the best time to do so, as Fishlabs will be raising the price by 50 per cent in a few days as promised when the game first launched. To download it for its current price of £3.99 / $6.99 / €5.49, engage your mousedrives and hyperclick your way to the App Store immediately.