Bloons-like Flash action puzzler Fragger coming to iPhone

Swap darts and balloons for grenades and terrorists

Bloons-like Flash action puzzler Fragger coming to iPhone
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Bloons has been a massive success on iPhone and so it is that a similar Flash game is making its way to the App Store.

To be published by Miniclip, massively popular free gaming portal, and developed by original creator Harold Brenes Fragger is a neat action puzzler.

The gameplay is straightforward and much like Bloons except that the monkey is replaced with said fragger, who lobs grenades instead of throwing darts, at shifty terrorists instead of balloons.

Fire in the hold

Control is simple with the direction of your grenade adjusted as you move your finger around the screen in an arc motion, with the power of the throw tweaked as you move along a top right to bottom left diagonal.

You get a set number of grenades per throw with which to blow up all the terrorists in each level. This obviously get more difficult through the 40 levels as they become hidden underground and protected by crates and shields.

Each of the levels can be tackled in easy, hard and elite modes, with fewer grenades available in each.

There's no news on price yet, but Fragger should be out on the App Store this week.

In the meantime, you can check out the web version here, and this video of skillful shots to see how it plays in the hands of a ninja player.

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