App Army Assemble: Fowlst - Super Meat Boy meets Downwell

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App Army Assemble: Fowlst - Super Meat Boy meets Downwell
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What happens when you cross Super Meat Boy with Downwell? FOWLST, that's what.

It's a brand new mobile game about an owl that's got itself trapped in hell, and you have to try and help it escape.

That mostly involves battling through an unlimited number of stages, slaying demons and grabbing loot to unlock better weapons.

At review, we gave it a Silver Award and described it as: "A sharp not-shooter with some interesting ideas that's well worth checking out".

We also asked the App Army what they thought, and here's what they had to say.

Robert Maines

Oh, I like this game. It's perfect to play in short bursts.

The graphics and sound make it look like it's playing on old hardware, but they add to the charm.

Controls are responsive. I find moving in diagonals makes it easier to hit enemies going up the screen than going down.

Pity there's more variation in the environmental hazards than the enemies.


Swapnil Jadhav

I love the tutorial - it really helps casual gamers get to grips with the game. It looks very simple but as the levels progress it gets tougher and more addictive.

Ed Davis

It's such a simple game - perhaps too much so. Can't really see myself coming back to it, but then I'm not massively into high score chasers.

I do like the music though. It brings back fond memories. The controls are really easy to use and very intuitive. The difficulty is progressive - it starts off really easy and gradually increases in difficulty.

Quincy Jones

I'm loving every moment of this game. The music is great and I love the simple controls which are perfect.

I feel like a gladiator waiting for my next opponent as I enter each room and dodge and smash my way out of each situation.

And boss battles! Yes! I love it all. I don't mind dying since I get to keep my upgrades. It's definitely a keeper.

The only thing missing is syncing between devices but it's not a dealbreaker.

M Rafdan Maulana

It's so much fun! I love the graphics and the music brings back memories of the good old days. Overall, this is a really good game!

Oksana Ryan

This is a simple game to pick up and waste ten minutes with. I like that when you're dead you don't always go back to the same place, which keeps things fresh.

The graphics are simple but adequate, the music is annoyingly catchy, and it's easy to master. A great game for playing during your coffee break.

Aaron Burdett

I loved it! So simple, yet so addictive. The levels are well designed and the upgrades give a nice sense of progression.

I'm also keen to see if they offer any future content updates. I'll be playing for a while!

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