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Improved version of horror classic Forgotten Memories launches for Android

Update also available for iOS

Improved version of horror classic Forgotten Memories launches for Android
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Cast your mind way back to 2015; a far-off time where the current console generation was just starting to find its feet and a Silent Hill-inspired, mannequin-filled title by the name of Forgotten Memories was making the rounds.

It released first on iOS, with cancelled plans for a console port, but never made its way to Android. Four years later, that's now changed, as developer Psychose Interactive has finally unleashed an improved version of the game on Google Play.

How this new version differs from the original is currently unclear, but iOS players who already own it can find out themselves by downloading the latest update for free.

Forgotten Memories, if you never played it, sees you taking on the role of a woman desperately searching for a missing child. Rose, the lead, wakes up badly wounded in a mysterious place seemingly frozen in time. As the plot progresses, she's forced to confront her worst fears as she finds herself trapped in what the developers describe as a 'never-ending tragedy'.

In practical terms, Forgotten Memories plays very much like a Silent Hill game, fit with wonky controls that only a third-person horror game fan could love. To be fair, maybe this new version has been improved in that department – I'm certainly interested to find out once I get my hands on it.

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We reviewed it at launch, praising its 'moody atmosphere and masterfully engineered scares' while critiquing the 'overdone puzzles, lumpy combat, and punitive save system'. Maybe some of those issues have been fixed?

If you're interested in checking out a solid horror game just in time for Halloween, you'll find Forgotten Memories available now from the App Store for £4.99 and Google Play for £3.59. The Android version's lower price is limited to this week only.

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