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Florence just launched on iOS a day early and it's a joy to the eyes and ears

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Florence just launched on iOS a day early and it's a joy to the eyes and ears
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If you've been looking forward to Florence arriving on iOS it's your time to rejoice, chappies, as it's just landed a little early.

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Florence, if you could guess, follows the story of Florence Yeoh as she falls in love with a talented cellist called Krish. You'll work through this couple's relationship from its earliest promises to its biggest heartbreaks, all told through music and clever imagery.

Sometimes you'll scroll through web comic-like panels and sometimes you'll interact with the picture more intimately as you tap, sort, and put pieces of puzzles together. These mini-game vignettes are only short, but they tell the story in a different way to text on-screen and there's something lovely about that.

Florence is the sort of game that reminds you the devil's not always in the details. It's a simple, beautiful game which relies an awful lot on sound and crisp, clean imagery to get the point across. Ever heard of 'showing not telling'? This does a fantastic job of it.

So, if you fancy hunkering down with a nice, warm blanket and cuppa something hot this week, grab Florence on the App Store for £2.99/$2.99.

Emily Sowden
Emily Sowden
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