6 mobile games to play this Valentine's Day

Love is in the air

6 mobile games to play this Valentine's Day
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It's that time of year when greeting card makers, chocolatiers and florists start to rub their hands together with glee. Yep, February 14th means Valentine's Day.

Is the arrival of this commercially driven, sickly sweet day of lurve making you feel romantic? Don't answer that.

Just play these games, and we guarantee you'll be thinking lovey-dovey thoughts come Wednesday.*

*Pocket Gamer cannot guarantee any amorous feelings

Kitty Powers' Love Life

More of a management game than the previous game in the series, Kitty Powers' Matchmaker, Kitty Powers' Love Life has you matching up couples in your very own loved up village. It's camp, chirpy, deeply silly love heart-filled fun.

In other words, it's the perfect game for Valentine's Day.

Heart Star

Aww, look at the two stars of Heart Star, working together to help each other to each level exit. Forget the lovey theme for a moment, because this is a very fun and very clever platform puzzler.

Extra innuendo points for the moments where you have to get on top of the other person. Pffff.


This interactive comic book isn't out yet, but it comes from one of the designers behind Monument Valley, so it's got pedigree. More important to our theme, it tells a sweet story of first love.

Developer Ken Wong recently told Apple that he wanted to "explore all the facets of being in a relationship in the form of a mobile game". If that doesn't guarantee its place on this list, consider the release date: February 14th.

Mucho Party

Mucho Party is the sort of game that demands two people to play. It's a bright and breezy mini-game selection, but the key point to note here is that those mini-games are taking place on the one device, meaning you need to get up close and personal with the other player.

Okay, so there's a real chance of a negative backfire here - particularly if you and your partner are the competitive sorts. But others should find all that enforced finger entanglement quite alluring.

Love You To Bits

A super-cute point and click adventure game with just about the most romantic title on this list. Okay, so you might not find the premise of reconstructing your robot lover after their body parts are scattered across the galaxy particularly romantic.

Trust us, though - this is a seriously sweet game.


All of the games so far have been pretty cute, with a slightly cheeky edge to Kitty Powers' Love Life. Fingle, however, moves right onto the physical stuff.

It's basically Twister with your fingers - with plenty of deeply suggestive poses to get your hearts a-racing. Don't sprain that pinky.

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Jon Mundy
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