Flick Solitaire releases new deck to coincide with Black History Month

Flick Solitaire releases new deck to coincide with Black History Month
| Flick Solitaire

Flick Solitaire has collaborated with a new artist to coincide with Black History Month, releasing a new deck for the popular game on iOS and Android.

The newest deck to join the game is called My Hair Is My Crown, created by St. Louis-based artist Sam Modder. This hand-drawn deck is dripping in contrasting and complementary gold and purple, symbolising shared Black experiences, pride and self-love.

Flick Solitaire is committed to diversity, which is why it regularly commissions Black artists for Black History Month in both October, where it takes place in the UK and Europe, and February, where it takes place in the United States.

Modder is a visual artist and engineer born in Nigeria, and moved to the United States to study her Masters in Fine Art at Washington University in St. Louis. She uses her art to raise awareness about important issues, which is exactly what Flick Solitaire likes to incorporate when searching for new talent to feature.

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“I wanted to celebrate and uplift Blackness, and for me Black hair does that because it connects Black people from all across the diaspora,” Modder says. “It's beautiful, it's versatile, it's an outlet for creativity and personal expression. I wanted to highlight a range of different Black hair styles and textures, and acknowledge this natural crown we have been blessed with. I had most fun creating the Aces, which are different combs used specifically on natural hair. I love the strong shapes these combs have and how they have come to be powerful symbols of self-love and Black empowerment.”

You can download Flick Solitaire from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store. It’s a free to play game with in-app purchases. You can look at Sam Modder’s art here.

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