Gameshastra brings Flick Fishing to PSP Minis

Indian publisher licenses Freeverse's hit

Gameshastra brings Flick Fishing to PSP Minis
| Flick Fishing

Plenty of iPhone games have been ported to PSP Minis, although the volume has dropped off somewhat since the early days.

Still, having sold more than two million on the App Store, the Freeverse published and Strange Flavour developed Flick Fishing may be the biggest hit to make the leap.

The PSP Minis version is developed and published by Indian outfit Gameshastra, and combines all the updates of the iPhone version in one package.

And there's more

In addition, Gameshastra has also ported Skyworks's top-down city chaser Crime Wars, while new game Bee Wars Minis, a turn-based strategy game, completes the company's summer releases on PlayStation Network.

"We're excited to be bringing three more Minis to PSN," says Martin Ogden, Gameshastra's European boss.

"The innovation of Flick Fishing and Crime Spree has been translated from the iPhone to Minis in a way that makes them sure fire winners in the Minis format."

Specific release dates and prices will be announced shortly.