Skim a whale off a glacier in Jetpack Joyride dev's new iOS game Fish Out Of Water!

Splashing down at midnight

Skim a whale off a glacier in Jetpack Joyride dev's new iOS game Fish Out Of Water!
| Fish Out Of Water!

Aussie developer Halfbrick - of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride fame - will drop Fish Out Of Water! into the raging currents of the iOS App Store at midnight tonight.

In this game, you skim fish across the surface of the ocean in the hope of impressing a judging panel of crabs. You'll also chase after a procession of extracurricular objectives.

In each round, you can pick three animals to skim. You can choose from a cast of characters including Micro the whale, Finlay the dolphin, Errol the pufferfish, and Olympus the goldfish. They all handle differently, so you'll need the right fish for the right objective.

You also need to keep an eye on the weather. Hour to hour, the weather changes, meaning you can go from sunny to a torrential downpour to a snowfall that covers the ocean surface with glaciers in a day.

Fish Out Of Water Hands-on

Throwing the fish is a nice tactile experience, and picking the right animal gives it a slightly strategic twist.

But since you have little control over the game once you let your fish loose - you can only tap the screen to give your critter a quick speed boost - it can feel decidedly hands off after that.

If you were wondering, by the way, we'll have a full review of the game up on the site very soon.

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Fish Out Of Water! also contains the requisite social stuff (Game Center support and player leagues); some cute extras to unlock; and in-app purchases to boost your score.

You'll be able to get your hands on all that at midnight, for that's when this 69p / 99c Universal app will surface on the UK and US App Stores.