US Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC concludes with release of Apotheosis

Not for the faint of... well, anything

US Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC concludes with release of Apotheosis

It's been almost four months since the US release of the Platinum Award-winning Fire Emblem: Awakening, and the DLC schedule has finally drawn to a close.

Today, 3DS owners will have received a notification that two new maps are available for purchase: The Future Past 3 and Apotheosis.

The Future Past 3 wraps up the story-heavy Future Past plot and has players rescue allies from a grim fate in an alternate future.

It's not a map to undertake lightly, however, as it's currently rated at five difficulty stars which makes it one of the more challenging DLC missions for the game.

Not grueling enough for you? Read on, Mr. Tough Guy.

The Strongest One's Name

The final DLC map - Apotheosis - is light on story and heavy on challenge. How heavy? Its difficulty is rated as "Insane" – and with good reason.

In this ultimate test of one's patience and strategy prowess, you'll fight not one but five waves of enemies. Routing one wave won't trigger a victory scene, but rather the arrival of the next wave.

These enemies aren't pushovers, either. Fansite SerenesForest reports that the enemies in Apotheosis possess stats and hitpoints that players can only dream of having.

For all the challenge of Apotheosis, the rewards are equally great. If you complete the map in the expected fashion, you can recruit the lost tactician Katarina from Fire Emblem: Heroes of Light and Shadow.

If you're able to defeat the first wave of enemies in the first two turns, you'll square off against a familiar face from the Fire Emblem franchise and earn a Supreme Emblem brag item instead of Katarina's card.

The Future Past 3 costs $3.00, or $6.50 as part of the 3-map Future Past Pack while Apotheosis will cost you $2.50 and a few gray hairs.
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