Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier launches Highway Star, the third season featuring a new map, a Sephiroth skin and more

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier launches Highway Star, the third season featuring a new map, a Sephiroth skin and more

After quite an eventful second season, the third season of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier has finally launched. Titled Highway Star, it is Square Enix’s latest content update and will feature new skins, a map, a season pass, bonuses, and a lot more. 

Season three of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier introduces a new map called Midgar Plateside that features iconic locations from FF7 Remake like Mako Reactor Core 1, Sector 8, and the Highway. While the map may be a little smaller, it has lots of nooks and crannies for fierce combat. For this map, the total number of participants has been reduced to 60. A lot of little immersive features have also been added to the map, such as a day or night theme and Mako pools that deal damage over time.

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The ever-increasing roster of skins also gets boosted with this update. One of the most iconic characters ever will be gracing the world of The First Soldier. Sephiroth, the series’ primary antagonist is now available in Advanced Shinra Packs. The pack will be available for 300 Shinra Credits or five Advanced Shinra Pack Tickets and will feature the character skin with an alternate version, emote, and kill effect.

Accompanying Sephiroth is the new skin levelling system aimed at players who have duplicates of skins. Now, as the skin’s level increases, more rewards are unlocked. As a login bonus, everyone will receive the Soldier Sample Mako skin and up to 35 Advanced Shinra Pack Tickets for the next two months.

Highway Star features even more content as a new style has been added. Called the Machinist, the hero is a gadgeteer who carries a hammer for melee combat as one of the many tools in his kit. The Machinist hovers across the map on yet another gadget, while blocking enemy gunfire with, you guessed it, a jamming device! Then there’s the Water materia that can find enemies even in hiding and damage them.

To top it all off, a brand new season pass is launching and will reward players with exclusive skins inspired by Mako Reactor Core 1 and Jenova alongside a bunch of other rewards. The season ends on August 31st.

Hop into the new season by downloading Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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