Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier just launched Blitz Mode: Shinra Building, a 3v3 game mode

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier just launched Blitz Mode: Shinra Building, a 3v3 game mode

Ateam Entertainment and Square Enix have just announced the launch of a new game mode in their popular battle royale Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier. Titled Blitz Mode: Shinra Building, it will provide players with some fresh gameplay options as 3v3 combat comes to The First Soldier for a limited time. Basically, two squads of three players will hop onto the battlefield where they will take turns being offensive and defensive and the first team to win two rounds is crowned champion. Blitz Mode will be accessible until June 2nd.

To give players a headstart, here is the basic premise of Blitz Mode. At the beginning of the match, one team will randomly be assigned the offensive role, while the other, defence. The offence team must capture points on the map while the defending team has to protect them by staying in these areas. After capturing the area points are won for team offence while a successful defence earns the defending team points as long as the area remains uncaptured.

Furthermore, healing zones are present on the map, allowing players to refill their HP and MP and starter items are determined by chosen playstyle. More items can be purchased by Gil won during matches. To add to that, a bunch of challenges will also go live, giving players stars, and increasing their season level. FFVII The First Soldier’s second season also ends on the game day so be sure to complete all quests by then!

While Blitz Mode is currently available for just a week, consider this a test run as it will surely be back with balances and changes that are derived from player feedback this week. So, find your squad and download Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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