Final Fantasy: Record Keeper set to cease service and updates later this year

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper set to cease service and updates later this year

After releasing in March 2015, Square Enix’s relatively popular mobile gacha RPG based on the popular Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy: Record Keeper, saw quite a few years of success. Unfortunately, its time has come to an end, and it is planned to cease service everywhere outside of Japan later this year.

While it doesn’t happen too often, it is always a bit of a bummer to see a big title like this end. Record Keeper sported the traditional turn-based combat that the old Final Fantasy games like FF6 or FF4 were known for, but also combined it with all of Square Enix’s big properties by implementing characters from just about every series they’ve ever touched and giving each of those characters their own specific abilities, sprites, and weapons.

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The in-game systems are complex, with lots of opportunities for builds and various ways of playing depending on the composition of your team. And while it is never good news to have a game with a decent fanbase shut down, Record Keeper has been going strong for a little over seven years, so there was plenty of time to enjoy all of the content and story it had to offer.

As for the decision to shut it down, no true reason was given, but given how long it has existed, the fanbase for Record Keeper has fallen off a bit post release. Combine that with the multitude of mobile RPGs in the Final Fantasy world that Square is currently supporting, games like War of the Visions or The First Soldier, and it’s reasonable to see that they’d like to not spread themselves too thin. My assumption is that Record Keeper is offering much more success in Japan, and is therefore set to continue within that region.

Regardless, it’s still a bit of bad news to see it come to an end after being available for so long. If you’d like to get your fill in before the game officially ends service on September 29th, you can download Record Keeper for free on Google Play and the App Store.

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