Final Fantasy Record Keeper - tips, tricks, and strategies

How to avoid knockouts, gain Gil, and optimise efficiency

Final Fantasy Record Keeper - tips, tricks, and strategies

Final Fantasy Record Keeper's been out for just over a week now, but I've been playing a wee while longer so it's time to drop some factoids that may just save you in the heat of battle, and help you make the most of your Stamina.

Phoenix Down

Team about to get wiped out? Trying to complete a boss challenge without anyone on your team getting knocked out? No worries.

Either exit Record Keeper or turn your phone / tablet off and you'll be able to resume your battle from the start of your most recent battle.

Sweet, precious Mythril

Unless you're going to shell out a fortune in real-life money, only ever redeem Mythril for Rare Relic Draws.

Keep in mind that if you think you can earn 50 in a week (you'll need to access Hard difficulties to earn that much), you can save up for the Rare Relic Draw x11, giving you 11 draws for the price of 10.

This will increase your chances of collecting each week's super-rare five-star item, which has a special limit break for one character in particular.

Restore Stamina

Some of the main storyline quests will reward you with an extra nugget of Stamina. You can check to make sure by looking at the "Reward" section for each dungeon.

Do yourself a favour and make sure you've used as much as you can up before going in to battle as the moment you receive the Stamina piece, all your Stamina will be restored.

Save it for someone special

For the most part you'll be able to battle, or even Auto Battle, your way through the first two or three waves of enemies. Make sure you save MP and don't use any limit breaks before each dungeon's boss battle. This way you can really go to town in the final hour.


The priority each day is to grind through as many of the daily dungeons as you can muster.

After a short while you should be ready to take on Normal difficulty, which provides some neat rewards. It'll be a while before you can hack Hard mode.

The reasoning behind this is that the rewards tend to be much, much greater in the daily dungeons. They'll be themed for Orbs, weapons, materials, experience, or Gil.

I suggest you invest heavily in Gil-based dungeons as it's the one resource you'll always need more of.

Chilled on Sunday

The weekly dungeons are a lower priority, however you'll will need to get through them before they reset each Thursday.

At the time of writing, you can net Tifa, Sephiroth, and some pieces required for a fancy summon. No need to rush, but y'know... don't miss out on your chance either!

Get physical

Daily dungeons rarely, if ever, have bosses. This means that if your team is strong enough, you can steamroll your way through each round with basic attacks.

In turn, this means you can just set the game to Auto Battle mode and have a power nap. Magic users have their place of course, but it tends to be wherever bosses lie.


Growth eggs aren't that useful on your already beefy characters. Use them on that Level 1 Bard you forgot about.

C-c-c-combo breaker

If you have two pieces of equipment that are the same type, upgrade one as far as you can, then combine it with the untouched equipment. This will not only boost its star level, but also its maximum experience level.

Cash for old

Inventory full? Sell the one-star tat and use the cash to upgrade your equipment. Or have a Moogle party.

Do you have any tips you'd like to add to help fellow readers? Let us know in the comments below.